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Makeup is my profession my passion and my inspiration.

Check in for updates, product reviews and tutorials. Follow along my freelance journey as I humbly and gratefully spend my time providing makeup services for print, weddings and all special occasions.

The Artist.

Jennifer is a professional Makeup Artist. She is a beauty blogger and creative superwoman.

She began showing artistic abilities from a young age, always creating. She had a flare for style. She began taking her love for fashion, beauty images and editorial spreads and applying it to one of her most loved hobbies, Makeup.

“It’s undoubtedly a true art form. Each client has something special to share, each application is different than the last. Each client is beautiful, unique. Although at times we all have moments where we may need to be reminded- it’s a part of my job to make sure my clients leave feeling that way, and that is an amazing thing”

While building a successful freelance business, she also spent Six years working for Mac Cosmetics. One of the beauty industries leading cosmetic companies. Her experience there helped to shape her as an artist. Constantly advancing her techniques through a variety of work-shops and ongoing trainings.

She will continue to grow, taking inspiration from places and the people around her – bringing her visions to life. Hoping to impact the clients she meets- enhancing the beauty that is already there and hoping to remind everyone to feel good in their own skin.